Have you ever wanted to get connected to the right people in your industry? To encounter the shapers of tomorrow who you would build yourself up with? To get to understand key internal resources that would give you a deeper understanding than most people have in your scene?

Not having the right path to these responses was the challenge that the coliving scene encountered, an industry that shapes the future of living through flexible housing-as-a-service and communal arrangements.

Two months back, I started working with Co-Liv, the leading non-profit association of coliving professionals. Co-Liv has been existing since 2016 and…

Co-founder of architecture and design studio — Cutwork, Kelsea drives to participate in and build communities, to bring people together from different backgrounds, with different ideas and different perspectives.

How do you currently define yourself, and what drives you?

My name is Kelsea, and I am passionate about sharing, cultivating space and beauty in the everyday, and making things with my hands.

I founded Cutwork, an architecture and design studio, together with architect Antonin Yuji Maeno in 2016. …

Co-founder of Sowebuild, Rick is passionate about community and technology. He wants to create more awareness around the importance of community management and strategy, to build places where people feel more included and better connected.

How do you currently define yourself, and what drives you?

I’m the Co-founder of Sowebuild and Head of marketing and Product, with a background in interior architecture and design. Sowebuild helps building thriving communities for places where people live, work and play. We offer services in community strategy, management and technology implementation with our suite of products and partners.

What makes you passionate about coliving…

Written by Laura Henke

In the current Community Manager Mastermind Series organized by Co-Liv and powered by Sowebuild, 35 coliving professionals from all over the globe came together in order to connect, interact, share and discuss all things coliving, working and community management.

Customizing your services creates the experience we call ‘Coliving’

We’ve seen how coliving brings about the next level in real estate. “It first builds on the idea of turning real-estate into a service to be consumed, rather than an asset to be bought. And then adds the element of personalisation by involving the user in the delivery of the experience.” says Gaetan. …

Written by Laura Henke

In the current Community Manager Mastermind Series organized by Co-Liv and powered by Sowebuild, 35 coliving professionals from all over the globe came together in order to connect, interact, share and discuss all things coliving, -working and community management.

The second session of the series featured Gaetan de Dietrich in the hot seat, Head of Community & Sales at Hmlet, a coliving community that offers a home away from home in Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong. The session’s main theme was centered around the topic of understanding and building coliving spaces as authentic experiences.

The Co-Liv Technology Community is proud to announce an official partnership with yet another company empowering the coliving movement, Young Global Living.

While coliving has grown in popularity over the past decade, the average consumer still lacks awareness around the coliving lifestyle which is partially caused by the still fragmented nature of the industry. Online booking platforms, like Young Global Living, help to solve this by being a central place for potential coliving users to find the right coliving communities.

Founded in May 2020, YGL is a one-stop shop for people around the world who’re looking to experience coliving. Just…

Introducing the first Co-Liv Community Manager Mastermind powered by Sowebuild

For the first time this year, a large group of 35 global coliving professionals came together to discuss all things coliving, working and modern community management. The goal of the Co-Liv Community Manager Mastermind Series, organized by Co-Liv in cooperation with Sowebuild, is to connect, interact, share and discuss coliving, working and community management:

“With the Mastermind Series we want to do what we love to do: building communities, creating (cultural) exchange and a safe place where everyone feels welcome. In this case, we’ve created a community of coliving experts, to help each other grow, transform, tackle issues and questions…

The Luxembourg coliving operator Vauban&Fort is joining Co-Liv in building out the Co-Liv Summit 2021. In this article, Jerome Ensch, cofounder and CFO, is going to share Vauban&Fort’s story, how it is changing the shared living scene and where it’s heading in collaboration with Co-Liv.

First things first: What is Vauban&Fort and how did you get into coliving?

I have been living in London and New York for over a decade and Vauban&Fort has developed out of the experiences of coliving in such cosmopolitan, urban centres. At the very heart of a successful flatshare is the concept of home and…

The global real estate company, one of the leading pioneers in the shared living movement, explains why partnering up with Co-Liv for the upcoming year 2021/22 and for the upcoming Co-Liv Summit is going to strengthen the overall position of the coliving industry. In this exclusive interview, Susan Tjarksen shares her perspective of the coliving industry, where Cushman & Wakefield is pushing the movement, and what fruits this collaboration will bring.

First things first: you’ve been one of the pioneering actors of the coliving scene. …

Our Head of User Experience, Sandra, rocking our t-shirts in the jungle.

Over the last year, Co-Liv and SALTO Systems have celebrated a successful partnership which has strengthened the coliving industry. Together, we hosted over 100 events in 2020, which aims to guide, educate and empower the coliving community. We couldn’t have done this without the help of our global team of ambassadors and executive team members who we sent our exclusive and limited Co-Liv X SALTO branded apparel and mugs at Christmas.


Co-Liv is the global association of coliving professionals, guiding and empowering the coliving industry.🏡 (www.co-liv.org)

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